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Neo Gem Block

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[Neopia Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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The NEO GEM BLOCK is comprised of two fun experiments utilizing the light detection sensor(CdS). With the 'Shining after Sunset' item, the electric bulb turns on automatically when it gets dark and with the 'Light Sensor Melody' item, melody will be sing only when it's bright in the area. You can experience fun responses by experimenting it with the light detection sensor(CdS) covered or not covered by your hand.

Product Characteristics

1. Easiest!

There are no other electronic kits easier than this. Whih the NEO GEM BLOCK, you can build a structure most easily with a greatest fun.

2. Recommended by many Korean professors!

With its 20 registered patents, it has been known as the best electronic circuit product and utilized most in the 5th grade students in Korea.