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Neo Elbo 2

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Product Overview

NEO ELBO II is a total electronic education program which a total of 52 experiments from the basic experiment to the cutting-edge optical communication experiment can be conducted. Furthermore, scores of applications can be implemented for each experiment, it is very useful for the users who wants to loarn about electronics systematically.

Product Characteristics

NEO Elbo II is composed of 4 steps.

  • The understanding of electronic parts (for the users who don’t have any basic knowledge about the electron)
  • The application of electrons (composed of basic electric experiments and various fun applied experiments)
  • The Wireless communication and the optical communication (in which the concepts of radio, Wireless microphone, optical communication can be understood)
  • The world of the digital electron (from the basis of the digital field like logic circuit to the expansion utilizing IC)

We hope NEO Elbo IIwill help with your travels with electrons, as you become more interested in the electron through this product.